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Summer Granola: vegan and gluten-free

We're in Summer. Here's a quick Vegan, Gluten-Free recipe for Summer Granola, a delicious snack for the trail, or a yummy breakfast.  WARNING, this recipe makes delicious granola with addictive flavor. It also tends to disappear.  Instructions: 6 parts dry ingredients (I used oats and almonds and dried cranberries. Feel free to add your favorite nuts, coconut flakes, seeds, and other yummies) 1 part wet ingredients (I used 3/4 oil, 1/4 honey, 1-2 tbsp vanilla) 1 tsp of Summer - Hanuman Summer Karha, that is Mix well Bake at 300 degrees for 10 minutes. Remove baking tray from oven and let cool completely. Break into chunks Munch munch munc muc mu m ....

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Sips for Thought #1: Can you force yourself to be creative?

Sips for Thought #1: Can you force yourself to be creative? Do any of you have experience of consistently pushing yourself to create, inspire, innovate, invent even when you feel creatively drained? Is creativity something “passive" that one simply receives like inspiration from a muse, or is creativity a muscle that to be stretched and exercised daily? How does it work: do you USE the force, or LET the force BE with you ? ---- About Sips for Thought: Our thoughts make our personalities, our personalities make our actions, our actions make our lives. In honor of the central role that thoughts play on our lives, we're going to share some questions and ideas that explore the beliefs that make us....

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